Bollenberg hill

The Bollenberg and its vineyard

The Bollenberg, famous cosmo-telluric place, is a hill separated from the Vosges range. With its three hillsides, facing south, west and south-east, this hill is a very specific environnement for vine growing. A particular geological composition can be added to this. The Bollenberg has a clay-limestone soil. On its slopes, the vines take place on an appropriate ground to its development and perfectly suitable to the floral expression of Alsatian grape varieties. It gives fruity wines with long finish and a good ageing potential.

The Bollenberg, an out of the ordinary hill

A vineyard path will allow you to discover Orschwihr’s vineyard and its enigmatic hill. The dry heathland of the Bollenberg is a classified and protected site on which more than 270 plant varieties among which around 15 rare orchid species, and 468 animal species including the Eurasian hoopoe, or the Sand Lizard have been identified. The hill is overlooked by the Sainte Croix Chapel, well-known under the name of the “witches chapel”. It has been a well-known pilgrimage place and there are still lots of tales and legends about it. Each year, during the night of 14th to 15th August, the village’s inhabitants celebrate the “Haxafir” (the witches’ fire) where a pyre is burnt with a witch doll on it.