The harvest

The harvest is exclusively manual and usually begin mid-September. The grapes are picked up and sorted, then carried to the wine press into 80kg tub maximum, to prevent them from compressing, in less than 1 hour. This finical work, very important, is made by our team of 25 faithful grape pickers.

The grapes are manually sorted a second time on a sorting table if necessary. Each parcel, terroir and grape variety is picked, pressed and vinified separately to preserve the typicity and the personality of each terroir. The blends will only be made way later, at the end of the vinification and before the bottling.

Grape varieties repartition

  • Riesling : 20%
  • Pinot Gris : 20%
  • Gewurztraminer : 15%
  • Pinot Blanc (for wines and Crémants d’Alsace) : 15%
  • Pinot Noir : (for wines and Crémants d’Alsace) 15%
  • Muscat : 5%
  • Sylvaner : 5%
  • Chardonnay (only for Crémants d’Alsace) : 5%