The vinification

Pressing the grapes is the firs step in winemaking. Thanks to our three pneumatic press, it is soft and lasts from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the grape variety.

The clarification lasts from around 18 to 24 hours and is done into stainless steel vat. The deposit (skin, pulp, and organic residues) is then removed. The juice cleared is then transferred into another vat for the fermentation.

The alcoholic fermentation is done thanks to the indigenous yeasts, naturally present in our wine cellar and on the grapes’ skin.

We do not interfere in the fermentation and the maturation process; no chemicals or treatments are added to the wine. Only sulfites are used in a very low quantity for wine preservation. Our Nature wine range is composed of wines that are produced without any sulfites. The temperatures are regulated to preserve the aromas. Some wines (mostly red) are fermenting in barrels (225L) or demi-muids (500L). The fermentation can last several months.

From the end of the fermentation, the wines are racked. The maturation on fine lees, which will bring bold and complexity, can then begin and will last from 5 to 12 months, until the bottling, between April and December.