We are lucky to operate our 15 hectares of vineyards following the biodynamic principles in a natural extraordinary environment :

  •   – Rare and diverse geologies : limestone, sandstone, granite…
  •   – Very low rainfall (approx 500 mm/year) thanks to the surrounding
  •      mountains (Vosges)
  •   – The sunny and famous slopes of the Bollenberg hill and our
  •      2 Grands Crus : Pfingsberg and Kaefferkopf

Our work is based on the will of highlighting this outstanding environment while being respectful with it in each of our cuvée and of preserving it as well as the ecosystems’, the locals’ and of course our employees’ health.

Biodynamics are perfectly adapted to all of these challenges. Biodynamic principle is way more demanding than organic culture. With the Demeter label, biodynamic agriculture certifies an approach based on quality and ethic:

  •   – Natural grassing in the rows of the parcels and plowing to stimulate
  •      the blossoming of our ecosystem
  •   – Biodynamic treatments:
  •       . Cow manure (500 or 500P) to improve the soils’ natural life and structure, and silica (501) to reinforce the plant and the sun’s effect.
  •       . Herbal tea: nettle (iron) to regulate and stimulate the vines’ growth, willow (salicylic acid) to protect the vine from cryptogamic diseases,
  •         dandelion (potassium and silica) to stimulate the growth and increase the plant’s resistance against diseases, horsetail (natural silicon)
  •         as a preventive treatment against powdery mildew and mildew.
  •       . Fertilizing by biodynamic compost produced at the winery based on manure coming from organic certified farms.
  •   – Wine-making process with a few or even none at all sulfites, and without any oenological additives (chaptalization, acidification,
  •       yeasting…) The maximum sulfites quantities allowed in dry wines are :
    • Traditional agriculture: 210mg/l         Organic agriculture: 150mg/l              Demeter agriculture: 90mg/l
  •   – Compliance with the lunar calendar from planting to bottling, for each intervention dealing with the vine or the wine.
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